Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Diablo 3 and Christianity

The computer game Diablo set the standard for a genre of video games called Hack-n-slash RPG (Role Playing Game).  The game came out when I was in College and I spent quite a bit of time playing it (hey at least it kept me out of trouble).  Then there was Diablo 2 and now there is Diablo 3.  I have enjoyed playing Diablo 3 and thought of several ways the game relates to Christianity.  

Some of you may think it's a stretch and it might be...but here it goes anyway.

1. It's better to play with others than by yourself
          You can do the solo campaign and it's a lot of fun...but you soon realize that it's more fun when you play the game and quest with a friend or several friends.  In the same way you can be a Christian and live in your own little world...but it's when you travel the journey of faith with others that you get the most out of the experience.  

2. To be the best you have to spend time on it
          Like anything else, if you want to get good at it you have to spend time on it.  If you want to grow a more powerful character in the game you have to play the game.  In our relationship with God, if you want to grow in your faith you have to spend time with the one who is the source of that faith.

3.  There's a clear separation of good and evil
          While I often find myself thinking in the grey areas (rather than in black and white) the simplicity of clear cut good and evil is a nice break from the norm for me.  While plenty of issues that involve faith have grey areas...there are some that are clear cut good and evil.  Oppression, tyranny, apathy and racism are just a few clear cut evils a Christian is called to acknowledge and oppose.

4. Generosity is rewarded
          Maybe not right away...but eventually you reap what you sow.  I've had several people help my character with items that they could have sold and made money (in game gold) by selling in the auction house.  Therefore, I in turn try to be generous when I find something that could help someone else's character.  God calls Christians to be generous...that generosity will be rewarded almost always in this lifetime (the reward of feeling generous is reward enough for me).     

5. Resurrection

          When you are playing co-op (which means with other human beings) if you get killed in the game another character can "resurrect" you and instead of waiting to come back to life and then having run to where your friend is you are "raised from the dead" right where you had died and you can immediately start playing again.  The heart of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ...enough said.