Monday, December 29, 2008

Fantasy Frustration vs. Real World Happiness

(Disclaimer: this post is about sports).

Anybody else struggle with the balance of emotions between fantasy football and real football? Let me explain.

You would think that since 3 of the 4 fantasy football teams I manage made the fantasy playoffs that one of them would have won the fantasy football superbowl, right? Wrong. In one league, my team lost in the first round. In another league, my team made the fantasy superbowl (which is week 16 of the regular season) and lost. I had one hope left this week. Its a league that takes the point totals of your players from week 16 and 17 of the regular season and combines them to determine the superbowl winner. I went into week 17 with an 11 point advantage...and still lost. I think its easier on me to not have a team make the fantasy playoffs than it is for a team to go to the fantasy superbowl and lose.

That last sentence does not apply to real football. While all four of my fantasy football teams have let me down, the Panthers are the source of real world happiness. No matter what happens in the post season, I'm proud of the Panthers. 12-4in the NFL is a huge accomplishment. Second place in the NFC behind the superbowl winners is a perfect place for the Panthers to be. First place comes with a lot of pressure, second place is a position where you can play with a lot of pride, confidence and a chip on your shoulder. Right where the Panthers like to be! I have a good feeling about the Cats in the post season this year.

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