Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pastor's Favorites

The sermon this last Sunday was the final message in a 5 week series called "Pastor's Favorites."  The text was from John 6:60-66 and while those verses are not necessarily my favorite, the point I shared from them is.  Its a mantra I try to live by.  The point was this: When the truth hurts, lean in.  (If you're interested, you can listen to it or download it here).

In the text, Jesus says some hard things for his disciples to accept.  The term "disciples" is used for a much broader audience than what we assume is the 12 disciples.  What he says is so hard, so offensive, so abhorrent, that some of these disciples turn away and no longer follow him.

They decide not to lean into the truth.  They decide to run from it.

We do the very same thing.  Maybe not literally or physically, but what about in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.  Often times when we are confronted with the truth, whether the Holy Spirit convicts us or a person challenges us, we often don't like it and our natural response is to run away from it, deny it or fight it.  All three responses take a lot of energy.

Leaning into the truth takes energy too, but its energy used for a much greater and bolder purpose.  

When we lean into painful truth, the pain passes so much quicker.  When we lean into the truth, we are in alignment with the Spirit's guidance in our lives.  When we choose to lean into the truth, we choose a life of freedom, because as Jesus said and still says: "The truth will set you free."

When you disagree with your spouse and you know you messed up, lean into the truth.
When God calls you to a risky endeavor, lean into the truth.
When you lose a loved one, remember them, feel the hurt, lean into the truth.
When you have an addiction, lean into the truth.
When you know your wrong but you want to be right, lean into the truth.
When you think you need something but you really just want it, lean into the truth.

What situations can you think of that we all could do a better job of leaning into the truth?

I would be interested to see them in the comments section.

May you lean into the truth, even when it hurts.


BIG D said...

Rich, I loved this message. I know I am guilty of wanting to fight the truth more often than run into it. Especially when it comes to issues with my spouse. I was trying to think of other circumstances that might come up, but you covered most of the big ones. I will continue to think about this one. Thanks for the message and reminder

Rich Tuttle said...

Just because I try to live by it doesn't mean I do a good job of it. I'm glad to see that you are reading the blog!