Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rapture Website

Good Shepherd, the church I'm a pastor at, just finished a series called Numbers that focused on the book of Revelation. One of the sermons was on "0" raptures. So, with that context I want to share a website I found.

You ready...check this out: http://www.postrapturepets.com/

It has to be a joke...it has too! Just click on the evaluation bar and you will see that it can't be serious. There's even a pet sitter Barbie available in the products. This can't be serious, can it?

If its not serious, then its witty and hilarious. Even if it is serious, its funny and sad at the same time. Sad because whether or not someone adheres to a rapture theology, Christians should be more focused on sharing the truth about Jesus than on finding petsitters.

The website even suggests a prepayment plan in the Planning tab. I'm available as a prepaid petsitter in case of rapture if anyone needs me!

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