Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 Reunions

I was a part of two reunions this weekend. They were both excellent. One reunion was Saturday evening. My wife and I used to attend this church where we led a small group for the people who lived in Rock Hill, SC but drove to Charlotte for church on Sunday. Its been at least 6 years since the group has met until Saturday evening. My wife and I hosted a reunion for the group and most of the people came. It was nice to reconnect and just hang out. I experienced in my own home what I learned this year from a book about creating events as a church leader: Create a space to hang out and just let it happen naturally. It was so cool to see people laughing and cutting on each other and just having fun like we used to do. A part of me wishes I could go back to when the small group started and do things differently...it would've been an even better group than it already was.

The second reunion was on Sunday. It was the Tuttle family reunion. For those of you that don't know, my biological father died before I was born. Which means I had lost touch with much of that side of the family. To show my ignorance of that side of the family, when I asked a man if he was a friend of the family, he said no my name is so and so Tuttle. At which my uncle said everyone here is family. It was a strange and wonderful experience. Since I didn't know my biological father, it was really cool to hear a few stories about what he was like as a kid. Even though we got lost and it took 3 hours to get there, I'm glad I went.

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