Friday, February 13, 2009

Pet Jellyfish

In the movie Seven Pounds starring Will Smith, the main character has a pet jellyfish. Specifically, a box jellyfish. I instantly connected and wanted one. On my daughter's first trip to the aquarium she was fascinated with the different types of jellyfish. She liked them more than any of the other creatures.

So I looked into getting a pet jellyfish and I'm sad to say that its not happening. They are hard to keep, they have short lifespans and the specialty aquariums are extremely expensive.

I did find this alternative. Very cool. I might just have to get one someday...someday.


Rich said...

Hiya Rich Tuttle. My name is Rich Tuttle and I am in the ministry too! Small world huh?

lyrics said...

I just recently saw the movie too and actually found your blog because I was looking for a jellyfish pet too!