Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loosening Suspicion

I often make calls to people I've never met, its part of my job. Often, they do not know who I am either. I can usually hear some suspicion in their voice when I'm talking on the phone with them to set up a time to visit. Its expected. Before they even ask why I want to visit, I tell them that there is no agenda except to get to know them, visit with them and pray for them. That usually loosens suspicion.

Its ironic really. I mean I say I have no agenda, but I do, its just that the agenda is clear and it involves building a relationship. I think that's what matters in ministry, forming relationships. I enjoy listening to people's stories and being in the moment and people seem to appreciate that. One thing I think I'm good at is being authentic. I've found that the most important component of loosening suspicion is just being yourself. It sounds cheesy, but sometimes cheesy is true.

So when I honestly tell the person I'm visiting that I just want to get to know them and pray for them, whether they hear that as an agenda or not doesn't matter, what does matter is that they hear that I am genuinely interested in their lives.

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AbominableAmie said...

I agree that you are good at being authentic. It is something I really respect about you.

: ) Amie