Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Become the person you want to marry

This was some advice given in the SAM Sunday school class this past week. And it wasn't advice that I gave, it was mentioned by someone in the class. Our current curriculum is called Boundaries in Dating(if you are single and haven't read it, it can really help you with your dating relationships).

I just thought the advice was appropriate. If you are struggling with being single, the best thing to do is work on yourself. If you want a person that loves God and lives for Him, then maybe you should be that kind of person. If you want someone that is fit and active and likes to exercise, then maybe you should be fit and active and enjoy exercise. If you want someone that is chill and laid back and would rather watch a movie than exercise, then maybe you should be that kind of person too.

It sounds simple really, but so many people fail to follow it. Why? I think its a matter of negative thinking, specifically that we have to have someone in our lives to be happy. We are so afraid of being alone, that we settle for someone that doesn't have similar values and priorities and hobbies so that we don't have to be alone. The problem, as the authors of Boundaries in Datingsuggest, is that dating won't cure a lonely heart. If you have to have a romantic relationship to be happy, then you have some issues that need to be resolved before you pursue marriage.

If that's you, pick up the book and you'll find yourself on the right road.

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