Thursday, October 8, 2009

Current Read

I'm reading an excellent book on marriage called The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman, PH.D. Normally, I do not like books with titles like that. I have a natural disdain for titles that offer a number and a promise, however, the reason I checked out this book is because of Gottman's research and the reviews on it from Amazon. Gottman is regarded by many as the nation's leading relationship expert. Just so you know, he is not writing this book from a Christian perspective. I actually like that, because it means his research does not have a Christian bias (or Christian agenda) it is based on observing marriage relationships (both new and old) unfolding before his very eyes.

Gottman has a "love lab" at the University of Washington where he observes married couples and develops his research and priniciples from those observations. The "love lab" is a series of apartments with cameras in them so they can film and observe willing married couples. He started researching marriages in 1972 and claims to follow 700 marriages from seven different studies.

I'll be writing some of the highlights of the book over the next couple of blogs, so stay tuned.

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