Friday, January 29, 2010

Whose fault was it?

Whose fault was it that Job suffered so much?  I believe there are four possibilities (maybe more, but others would be so far out that they would hold zero validity).

Was it Job's fault?  Even though the Bible makes it clear that he was "upright and blameless," perhaps there was some behind the scenes sin that Job committed and he really isn't the man of integrity we all think he is and that the author describes him as.  If that's the case, then it wouldn't be innocent suffering.  It would be justified suffering: you sin, you suffer. 

Some would say its Satan's fault.  Afterall, Satan is the one who actually causes the suffering.  He kills Job's children, takes all his possessions and infects Job with nasty and painful sores all over his body.  But is that giving Satan too much credit.  Also, is it too simple to say that the one who actually inflicts the damage is the one causing the suffering?

Perhaps Job just has a run of bad luck.  I have met people today that just seem to be magnets for disaster.  Maybe Job's good fortune had finally run its course and when disaster hit it hit hard and it hit fast and hit with a vengeance.  If that's the case, if it was just bad luck, then what of the theological significance.  Are we to disregard all forces in this world other than good and bad luck.

The most scandalous answer is that God causes the suffering, but that is hard to swallow for anyone who believes in a good and loving God.  If that is the most likely answer, what do we do with that?  How do we factor that into a positive image of God?  What does it mean about how God interacts with us? 

I would love for you to explore these options and these questions with me in a class I'm teaching on the book of Job.  To sign up, go here.  Its listed under the Sunday morning classes.  Hope to see you there!


draysult said...

I believe it is our fault that Job suffered. An all knowing God knew that we would need an example of true heroic endurance and faith to help us through the things that we would face. Someone to show us that God is faithful even, or especially, in our struggles. Yes, it was your fault, and mine that Job went through all he did. Comforting thought isn't it?

kellykelly1 said...


draysult said...

kellykelly1 I don't believe any of us can truly 憂能傷身,保重哦. I know that every day there is someone that I rely on for something. God wants us to turn to Him in our struggles and our joys. I need Him everyday, even in the relatively simple life I lead.