Monday, November 1, 2010

Randomness within Planning

We've been in a series at Catawba UMC called Text Message. 

These last two weeks have been a time of answering questions that were taken by the congregation beforehand. 

This last Sunday most of the sermon was about the books around the time of the Bible that were not included in the Bible. 

I also talked about different translations and decisions translators have to make when it comes to bringing the original language of the Bible (Old Testament: Hebrew, New Testament: Greek) into English.

The risk with doing a Q & A type of message is that some people may not care about the questions you are answering. 

So, these last two weeks I have had just a few moments within the sermon I titled "Humorous Interjection."  These funny quotes and stories have been random, they've had nothing to do with the teaching.  

It's been a hit.  According to comments, some people have enjoyed the teaching, while others have enjoyed the humor.

While the humor has nothing to do with the teaching, it's been worth it just for fun and kicks.

If you're curious about the answers to the questions or the humor, you can listen or download the last two sermons here.

It has freed me to celebrate randomness and not always try to make every part of a message connect to one another.  Which goes against all of the traditional teaching about how to put together a sermon.

I would rather choose what is effective in a sermon over that which is traditionally taught all day long.

Here's to randomness!

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