Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Tough one to Define

What is the Kingdom of God?  That's a tough one to define in one sentence. 

I gave it my best shot in the sermon this last Sunday, see what you think:

The Kingdom of God is God’s action and presence in the world through Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the past, present and future to bring humanity freedom from and victory over sin, evil and death.

I think it's pretty good, but it still seems to be missing something.  What would you add or change?


JMS said...

I like this definition. Very N.T. Wright-ish! :)

BTW, one of the best works of Biblical Theology that I've ever read is John Bright's little book "The Kingdom of God." It just came back into print, I believe, and should absolutely be on every Christian's shelf (after they've read it, of course!).

Rich Tuttle said...

Sweet! I'll definitely check out Bright's book. It will make a good Christmas present!

BBFlake said...

I think the best definition is "The Kingdom of God is where God's reign holds sway." I recognize, though, that that is almost a tautology and not very useful. I think it the best starting point, though, with lots of unpacking to do on the implications for the individual, for society , and even for the Christmas season!