Monday, January 3, 2011

Completing the Process

I am ordained in the United Methodist Church, but I have not completed the ordination process.

To finish the process I had to submit papers to three different Boards within what is known as the Board of Ordained Ministry.  I did the same thing three years ago, accept at that time they were looking for readiness in minstry this time they are looking for effectiveness in ministry. 

The three Boards are:
1. Theology and Doctrine
2. Proclamation and Discipleship
3. Call and Disciplined Life

The total number of pages for all three Boards ended up being over 80 pages of work. 

And it's not over yet.

In February I will be interviewed by each Board.

If I pass each interview, in June I will have the Bishop lay his hand on me and I will have officially finished the ordination process. 

It might look something like this:

It will be a great feeling.

However, besides a new designation within Methodism, nothing will change.

I will still do what I've been doing at the church I'm serving: preaching, teaching, leading, praying and visiting.

I take the ordination process seriously, however, it seems minimized when nothing actually changes accept a designation within the conference.

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