Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going Missional

At Catawba UMC we have been in a series called Going Missional.  It's been all about serving others and seeing church not just as what happens within the walls of a building on Sunday morning, but who we are as a community of people led by the Spirit of God. 

This Sunday the title of the message is More than Words.  I'm excited to share the message and a powerful video that I think brings home the point.

The culmination of the series is the beginning of a new chapter of service in the life of Catawba UMC.  We are starting a ministry called First Serve Staurday.  On Saturday April 9th the people of Catawba will gather together for a brief time of prayer then be sent out to serve the community at four different venues.

I'm scared and excited at the same time.  Questions arise: Will we have enough people?  Will we have too many people?  Will the leaders be prepared?  Have I communicated clearly and effectively?  Will this be something that we can keep going?  

These are all questions based on fear.  They're real and raw and honest and while I deal with them, I am not guided by them.  I am guided by the truth that when the church strives to truly be who God calls her to be, He will bless her and guide her in a way that makes these fears nothing more than my own insecurities.

I am excited about what God is doing and about what God is going to do. 

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