Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Answer

I have dwelled and dwelled and dwelled and dwelled and dwelled (you the get the idea) on the perfect answer to the question I was asked from the Call and Disciplined Life Committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry earlier this year. 

The answer came as I was ironing on Saturday night. The question was: "How would you describe yourself in one word?" Obviously the answer I gave the first time around was not sufficient. So this time around I have the perfect answer.

But first, I want to give you some answers I've played with. When I got home that night I asked my wife how she would describe me in one word and she said "discerning." I thought that was a good answer, but I'm not always discerning so that doesn't define me in totality. Another answer I've played with is more humorous. I thought "tall" would be a good answer.

The final answer, however, the answer that I think is better than any other answer is this:


I am loved by God. I am loved by my wife. I am loved by my children. I am loved by my parents. I am loved by my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and other family members. I am loved by my friends. I am loved by people in my congregation. It's an answer they couldn't argue with and that defines me in totality.


A true definition for me and a true definition for anyone who understands the grace of God in Jesus Christ poured out by the Holy Spirit.


It's also the title of a two part message series starting July 17th that you will not want to miss.


It's all about God's love for us. You will be blessed. And if you miss it live, check back here at the bottom of the blog is a sermon player where the messages will be posted.

Loved. That's my final answer.

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