Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't Force It

Earlier this year I faced a personal situation that evoked some strong emotions.  I asked a few friends of mine whether or not I should turn the situation and emotions and my personal struggles into a sermon or two.  The advice I received was basically to seek the Spirit and to ask myself the qeustion "is this message that comes out of these emotions for me personally or for all of us corporately."

I decided at the time that it was God working on me.  I was not in a place that could share about the situation without feeling resentment and bitter anger.  So I decided not to force it.  I decided to stick with the messages that I had alread planned.

It wasn't until last Sunday that I shared a small part of the situation and I was surprised and how good it felt to share it.  It seemed natural and not forced.  People actually laughed about what had happened and when they laughed it really helped me see that I had made more of it than was really there.

I'm so glad I didn't force the issue and that I was able to share what happened to me naturally and with a sense of objectivity and not anger and resentment. 

Had I forced the issue earlier this year, I think I could've just added to my own anger and resentment.  I thank my friends for their advice and I'm so glad I reached out and that I actually listened this time. 

I guess that just goes to show the value of seeking wisdom from others.  Which reminds me of the proverb that says "plans fail for lack of counsel but with many advisers they succeed" (15:22) .

I just hope I will remember to seek counsel more often and not just try to force something when it's not the right time.

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