Friday, October 21, 2011

Images of God

We think all kinds of things about God.  Each one of us may use similar words to describe God but we each may mean something a little bit different by those same words.  If you had good parents, your image of God may be different that if you had abusive or distant or altogether absent parents.  Your image of God will be affected by whether or not you were raised in the church and just as much by what church you were raised in.

Our image of God is absolutely essential to knowing God.

C.S. Lewis said "I don't want my image of God, I want God."

This message series will be based on the book by Jarrett Stevens The Deity Formerly Known as God.  Which Stevens intends as an update to the book by J.B. Phillips titled Your God is too Small.

The idea of the series will be to take a look at the kind of pictures the Bible paints of God.  To get biblically accurate and faithful images of God so that our God is not one we create in our own minds, but one He presents to us in His word.  The irony of a series like Images of God is to discover not just images of God, but God himself.

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