Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Don't Worry

I am devoted to my family.  I am devoted to my church.  I am devoted to my friends.  And most importantly I am devoted to my God.

The problem is that I often allow something less important than my devotion to God get the attention of my devotion. That's when I worry and that's when you worry too.

Worry is a sign of misplaced devotion.  The way to keep from worrying is by shifting our devotion from what we worry about to trust in God.

When you have a job interview that you are worried about...shift your devotion from whether or not you get the job to the God who gave you the opportunity to interview in the first place.

When you worry about a loved one who is sick or facing a difficult situation, shift your devotion from what could happen to them to the God whose fate their lives are in.

When you worry about your finances, shift your devotion away from the money and towards the God who is our provider.

When you worry about a relationship, shift your devotion away from the risks of the relationship and towards God...who happens to be an expert on relationships.

This is not to minimize or demean problems we face...it's actually just the opposite, we should care about our loved ones and our money and relationships and our jobs, however, we shouldn't worry about them.

Jesus says this much in Matthew 6:25-34.  I'll give you the opportunity to read it before I continue.

In these verses (and the ones just before it) Jesus names important things in our lives.  He names money, our lives, food, drink, our body and clothes.  Then He has the audacity to say...even though those things are important...don't worry about them.  

He didn't say "don't care about them."  Some people equate care with worry.  We should care about our lives and how we spend our money and relationships, but worrying about them is when care becomes unhealthy.

The solution, Jesus says, is to "Seek His kingdom and His righteousness."  In other words, shift your devotion away from what you are worrying about and fully place your trust in the God who loves you and is for you and will never abandon you.

According to Jesus, the solution to our worry is to shift our devotion.  If you care about what you are devoted too and if you devote yourself first and foremost to God and His will, you will find your self able to offer compassionate care without being stifled by worry.

When we think about worry the way Jesus does, it saves us from so much frustration and stress and helps us enter into a life of freedom and joy.  If none of that convinces you...maybe this will:

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