Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Discipline and Choices

Colin Cowherd said this morning that its not the most intelligent, or most gifted, or most talented people that are the most successful, its those who are most disciplined. He went on to say that with so many choices before us in our culture, discipline is even more important. I couldn't agree more.

Colin is not one of the most spiritually mature individuals in the world, in fact, some of you might be offended by some of the things he says. But I immediately connected with this. It convicted me.

I think it is harder to be disciplined when there are more choices we are faced with. Its not easy to be disciplined, its often easier to eat fast food then it is to make and bring your own lunch. Its easier to sit down and watch TV then it is to get up and exercise or read. Its easier to get extra sleep in the morning then it is to get up and read scripture and pray.

Discipline always involves a choice. God help me to make better choices.

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