Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Young Clergy Retreat

I recently attended a young clergy retreat for United Methodist pastors.  I have to be honest, my initial reason for attending was to get some face time with the bishop.  For those of you who may not know, the bishop has the most power of any human being over my career.  So the decision to attend was selfish and strategic.

I'm so glad that the reasons for my attendance amounted to more than just my own selfishness and strategy.  Some great connections were made, laughter was had and stories were shared.  I even had a sleeping incident of battling a bat which woke up a few of the guys in the cabin at 2am.  I felt like the start of some pretty important relationships took place and found more hope in my own insecurities over an uncertain future.   

While I did get some good facetime with the bishop (which I can't deny is a good thing), I enjoyed the fellowship and camaraderie among my peers more than anything else.  I'm glad I attended.


Jim said...

I had similar alternative motives when I registered and I agree with you on the outcome.

BTW, my wife almost peed herself when I told her the bat story.

Thanks Rev. Batman.

draysult said...

Just know that He has been preparing you for all the things that are in your future. You will not be alone through anything that lies ahead. So many blessings are in the future for you and others. Was the bat a confirmed kill?