Thursday, September 2, 2010

Expanding a Series

I'm in only the second sermon series that I've ever put together as a pastor.  It's going well, it's all about the church.  You can listen or download the messages here (the audio of this past Sunday's message was defective so that one will not be online).

Anyway, what I've discovered in these last two series' is that I think of new things during the series and want to add to them.

It's makes for more difficult planning, but hopefully it is Spirit led and what I'm supposed to be doing.

So for this series on the church, I've already added the titles Consumed and Pursued.  I thought about adding another one after Pursued, titled Victorious but that would get in the way of the next series, which will start September 26th. 

Besides Victorious is a great title for a series all on it's own.  I'll have to plan that one for next year.

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