Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Story of the Bible

This Sunday we looked at how the overarching story of the Bible is one of people running and hiding and God chasing and finding.  We also talked about the makeup of the Bible.  The books of law and history record the events just as a photo album does.  The books of poetry, prophets and letters are the journal: the story behind the events.  The illustration of photo album and journal can really help you understand what's going on as you read a particular passage of scripture. 

Many of you shared that the light bulb went off for you and I'm so glad for it (you can listen or download the message here).  My purpose for this series is that people would read their Bibles.  My hope is that the teaching would help you do just that.

As you read, you will have questions.  Please submit them.  I will keep your name anonymous and starting on Sunday, October 24th, I will answer to the best of my ability.

Also, on Sunday, November 7th, I'm bringing in reinforcements for those questions that I may struggle with answering.  My friend and self proclaimed Bible nerd James-Michael Smith will be teaching.  You can find his work here and here.
It's going to be a good month of teaching!

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