Thursday, February 10, 2011


On Tuesday evening I went through what is known in Methodist circles as the "Great Tribulation."  I went before the Board of Ordained Ministry to complete the ordination process. 

I was a failure.  There are three committees you interview with and you have to pass all three to complete the ordination process.

I passed one out of the three.

Which means I have to go before the other two committees again next year if I want to pursue ordination.

I'm angry.  I'm sad.  I'm hurt.  I didn't sleep well that night (but I did sleep well last night!)

Anyway, last night I spoke at a youth rally in our area.  At the youth rally I talked about how our feelings don't define us, God does.

Worry doesn't define us.

Resentment doesn't define us.

Fear doesn't define us.

Rejection doesn't define us.

These are all real emotions, but ultimately they don't define us.  As I spoke, I wondered if I was speaking more to them or to myself.

I'm just glad I'm defined by so much more than the temporary rejection I feel after failing two out of three committees for a religious institutional system.


BBFlake said...

Bummer. It has got to be disappointing to come this far and have that result and frustrating to not be able to do anything about it for another year. I appreciate greatly the perspective you shared in the blog.

Rich Tuttle said...

Yeah, it is extremely frustrating. They ask you to do a ton of work, then it is just flushed down the drain! Then you have to do it all again next year with the possiblity of it being flushed down the drain again.