Thursday, February 24, 2011

Learning Experience

So in my last post I talked about the "funk" I was in after being deferred for ordination in the United Methodist Church. 

So far, there is some clarity around two things that I have learned from the experience.

1. I have learned that sometimes my comments can carry a "shock value." 

If a person receving my comment does not know me they might read more into it than was intended.  This is what happened in one of my interviews.  I answered some questions in a way that was shocking for a group of people that do not know me at all.  My answers raised some red flags.  Next year, I will use better filters and be careful with the way I present myself.

2. I have learned that I have colleagues in ministry that are more than just emotionally and strategically supportive of me. 

One colleague has offered financial support for me to meet one of the requirements given to me by the Board.  Others have been there for me to vent and without judgement because of my anger.  Another colleague was extremely ticked off becuase he feels I am called and talented and thinks the Board made a mistake.  I may not have learned how invested some poeple are in my life and ministry had I passed. 

I''m sure there are more lessons to come but for now I'm soaking these in and moving out of the internal head games that had slowed me down.  Thank you God!

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Bill C said...

No matter how much church authority leaders may exercize...they ain't God...even when they think they are representing him.