Friday, August 12, 2011

Improved Prayer Life

On the first two days of the CCC trip we painted the exterior of a house for an older man. We told him we didn't think we could get to the very top on one side of the house (probably 40ft. hight). We had the 28ft. extension ladder extended as high as it would go. Then we had to use a paint roller on an extension rod to get the very top of where we were painting. Since I was the tallest in the group I was chosen to reach those high areas.

Of course we had a spotter to anchor the ladder...but how much could a spotter do if the ladder started to tip or if the one on the ladder lost his/her balance?

My prayer life improved greatly those two days as I painted those high areas. Hornets flew around me. My muscles grew weary with the odd angles I was painting. The extended paint roller was awkward to maneuver as I tried to keep my balance that high up. Did I mention that we had to prime it the first day and paint it the second day? I couldn't wait to finish that high area.

I prayed over and over again for God to protect me and literally reminded myself over and over again that "God is with me."

It feels good to know that it got done and that no one was injured. I truly think God was watching out for us.

Reflecting back I now wonder why I don't have that sense of God's presence and urgency to pray everday. People are always in where's the urgency? God is always where's the awareness of that? Why does it take a risky situation to bring about an awareness and an urgency?

I'm not sure of the answer to those questions but I am sure of God's grace that sustains and strengthens me everyday even when I fail to acknowledge it.

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Talbot Davis said...

My times at CCC back in the 90s had EXACTLY the same kind of impact on me, Rich.