Thursday, August 11, 2011


While at my first CCC mission trip last week on the very first work day we spilled the water cooler in the back of the van (a van borrowed from another church). After we cleaned it up we were the last ones to leave and had the furthest to drive to do a two day painting project.

On our way back one of the paint cans tipped over and spilled in the back of the van. (Did I mention we borrowed this particular van from another church). I wasn't mad, I was just exhausted from working all day then working to get the paint cleaned up (which took another hour). By the time I got the paint cleaned up my feet were wet from the water hose I had been using to spray it out and it was dinner time. So I went to dinner with soaking wet feet.

It just so happened that it was our workgroup's night for KP (kitchen patrol). That means your group stays after dinner to clean up the kitchen. It was lasagna night...lasagna night is the worst KP night.

I wasn't mad, just exhausted.

That was my first day of my first CCC mission trip. And at the end of the day I still wasn't mad, but I do think it might've been one of the best showers and best nights of sleep I've ever had.

That was day one.

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