Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm writing from Oregon right now, to be specific, Milwaukie, OR (near Portland). The wife of one of my best friends flew me out as a suprise present for his graduation. I really wanted to write on the anticipation of this trip earlier this week, however, I thought my friend might read my blog which of course would've given away the surprise. So, I will write on it now.

Isn't it amazing what anticipation does to us. I mean, I could barely sleep Thursday night because I was so excited. And while I was excited for myself, I think I might've been more excited for my friend, because I love suprising people with good things (bad suprises suck, but good surprises are one of the best things in the world). It was really hard for me to be at work Thursday because in my mind, I was already here. I was so excited about the trip that I found it hard to concentrate on my work.

C.S. Lewis said that the anticipation of something is often more powerful and exciting than the actual event (my paraphrase). I can relate to that sentiment, even though I do love being here and hanging out with a friend I rarely see.

As I think about anticipation, I wonder how excited God is about the return of Christ. I don't think we are nearly as excited about it as God is. As a Christian, its so easy to live outside of that anticipation because of the daily grind. God doesn't have a daily grind. I think he's so excited for us (us meaning followers of Christ) and just can't wait to fulfill his promises and bring the entirety of His kingdom into our lives. I'm pretty sure God's excitement outweighs any of ours. I'm also pretty sure that if we new how great it was going to be, we couldn't function at all in our daily lives because the anticipation and excitement would keep us up at night and flood our mind to the point we couldn't concentrate on much or do much. I think that's why God has to keep some of it a mystery. He knows us better than ourselves.

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