Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Greatest Question Ever

In a class I teach at this church we recently watched an Andy Stanley sermon titled "The Greatest Question Ever." It was brilliant. The greatest question ever is this: what is the wise thing to do? Not: what is the right thing to do (sometimes its blurry)? Not: what does God want me to do (Christian language that sounds good but is often a mask to prove to someone that your Godly)? Not: what is immediately gratifying (the question culture wants us to ask)? Not: what will get me what I want (often what we want is what we don't need)? But: What is the wise thing to do?

He's goes on to apply the question to our past, present and future. First, in light of my past experiences what is the wise thing to do? Knowing that what we've done in the past often robs us of our future, what is the wise thing to do right now that will keep me from regretting my past? Second, what is the wise thing to do based on what is going on right now? I may someday want to join a bowling league and it might be fun and something I enjoy. But right now, with two young children and a wife who also works, it isn't the wise thing to do for me. Third, based on my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do? For me to get to where I want to be, what is the wise thing to do now? As Mark Beeson puts it "the foundation you lay today determines what happens tomorrow."

This question (what is the wise thing to do?) asked in light of your past, present and future can change your life. I hope you will ask it and find God blessing you because of it.

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