Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rethink Sex Seminar

I'm excited about this seminar. Its happening on July 9th at Good Shepherd. Ryan Bailey, who is the founder, president and primary counselor at the Rivendell Center here in Charlotte will be leading it.

I'm excited for three reasons:

1. Ryan brings both a theological and psychological approach. He's a graduate of Gordon Conwell's Master's in Counseling program which balances the Bible with the DSM-IV (DSM=Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Desorders). He doesn't bring a one sided approach: either too Christian (yes, I believe counseling can be too Christian...a good topic for a future blog) or too secular.

2. Sex is a fun, serious, mysterious topic to talk about. Its relational, spiritual, physical, emotional, social and cultural all at the same time. Its a topic everyone's familiar with but few are experts at (even if you think you are you probably aren't).

3. The seminar will launch into something else. You have to come to find out! Lets just say I believe God wants to something through what happens that Wednesday evening and following.

Interested? If you want more details and want to register online go here.

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