Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still in Oregon

I'm still in Oregon. I will be heading home tomorrow. I've tried to savor every moment, its been a lot of fun. My friend and I have done all the things we love doing: we've played board games, video games, tennis, seen some movies and gone bowling. Its amazing how well we hang out when we do these things. We have had focused time to just talk about things and "hang out" and those moments are priceless, but we also have this knack of "hanging out" even when we are doing something together.

I think God wants our relationship with him to be a similar thing. He definitely wants us to have times when we just "hang out" with Him, but he's smart enough know that most humans are busy and have things to do. So the key isn't not doing things, its remembering Him even when we do things. He understands that we can't have specific focused, one dimensional "hang out" time with Him every second of every hour of every day. His hope is that whatever we are doing, we are close enough to Him to still "hang out" regardless of what we are doing.

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