Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Don Miller is one of my favorite authors.  Even if he did skirt my question when he came to Charlotte.  I simply asked him: "if you had 30 minutes with Jesus in Starbucks what would you ask him?"  He quickly responded, "what the hell are you doing in Starbucks?" and that was it.  As funny, witty and crappy an answer as it was, he's still one of my favorite authors.

On a recent blog of his he was talking about how great pain in life can lead to great impact.  And he wrote this: "if we are willing to allow our pain and hardship to be used to help others, our pain is given dignity."  Now I've always believed we can allow our pain and hardship to help others, but I had never thought of those last few words "our pain is given dignity."  It caught my attention.  Obviously, its only when we've let go of the victim mentality and forgiven the culprit responsible for our pain that we can allow our experience to help someone else.  And its only in helping someone else that the pain we experienced is given dignity.

Sounds like a difficult process.  It also sounds like a worthy process.  Are you willing to go through it?  God may just have a ministry in mind for you if you are.

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