Friday, May 28, 2010

At My Best

On Wednesday, I went to a conference designed for all the clergy in this area who are moving to another church.  We had a time of worship, then two different presentations, the first on leaving well and the second on starting well.

The last thing the presenter had us do at the end of the starting well presentation was to write "at my best..." in the middle of a note card.  Then she asked us to think about times when we have been at our best and to think about what made us at our best.  Then we were to write down short sentences that describe a thought, feeling or behavior during those times.

Here are a couple of mine, at my best...
-I laugh, play and pray
-I create healthy boundaries
-I resist temptation
-I work hard
-I trust the voice God has given me
-I realize my self-worth is in God and no one or nothing else
-I have balance
-I am rested

How about you, what short descriptions would be a part of your "at my best" list.  The whole point is to try to recreate those thoughts, feelings and behaviors on a more regular basis so that we can be more consistently who God wants us to be.

May you more often be "at your best" not for yourself, but for the kingdom of God.

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