Thursday, May 20, 2010

House for Sale

Its weird to think about...our house is for sale.

Its weird to think about someone else mowing my lawn.

Its weird to think about someone else watching TV in my living room.

Its weird to think about someone else using my bathroom.

Its weird to think about someone else cooking in my kitchen.

Its weird to think about someone else sleeping in my bedroom.

The move has reminded me of the truth that nothing is actually mine anyway, and even if it was, when I die, it won't be mine in heaven.

The deeper reality is that its not my lawn, its not my living room, its not my get the picture.

The internal question this raises for me is why am I so possessive?  Why is it so important to me for something to be "mine?"

I'm not sure of the complete answer to those questions, but I think perspective and priority are important in the discussion.  My perspective should be that its temporarily in my care so I should take care of my stuff.  My priority should not be to gain more stuff or to be consumed by the stuff I already have, but to be the master over my stuff by understanding its place in my life.  Its when I lose perspective and have my priorities out of order that I dishonor God with the things He's blessed me with.

May you have the right perspective and right priorities.


draysult said...

I agree that those are tough thoughts to accept. I have come to realize the truth in even more difficult realities. My wife is not my wife. My daughter is not my daughter. My body is not my body. They all belong to God and, as you have said, I am just given temporary stewardship over them. In some ways it seems to make the stewardship duties both easier and at the same time harder, knowing that God has complete ownership of it all.

Amy said...

I needed this. I've been having overwhelming sadness and separation anxiety over leaving the first and only home I've ever bought by myself.

Do you realize how much I just used the word "I"??

marlin said...

You could change your mind and keep those things so that we could be selfish and keep you around. We are going to miss you like crazy.