Wednesday, May 5, 2010


As soon as you get comfortable in your faith, you've stopped growing in your faith.  As soon as you've gotten stagnant in your relationship with Jesus, you've stopped growing in your love for him.

Its easy to get comfortable.  Its easy to lose purpose.  Its easy to forget about vision.  Its easy to live life just wandering around aimless and purposeless.

But is that the life Jesus calls us to?  Didn't Jesus talk about taking up our cross?  Didn't Jesus challenge a rich man to sell everything he had?  Didn't Jesus tell Jewish believers that to be his disciples they should continue in His teachings?

Donald Miller says that a good story involves what a character wants and how much conflict they are willing to endure to get it. 

If your life were a movie, what would the summary of the movie be on the back of the DVD cover?  Would it be something like this:  Rich wakes up most mornings and gets ready for work.  Then Rich goes to work.  Rich has a family.  On most Saturdays, Rich spends time with his family.  Rich likes to play tennis and video games.  Immerse yourself in the life of Rich in this motion picture about Rich.

Ugh, it hurts just writing that.  I hope to do more with my life.  I'm working on it.  How about you?  What is the movie summary of your life?  If its anything like mine you probably need to work on the script.  May you figure out how God wants to use you and endure the conflict necessary to pursue it...and may the reward be of eternal significance.

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draysult said...

Wow, thanks for the wakeup call. Just when I was starting to feel comfortable!! I do like the new layout.