Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Man Cave

I hoped for it, but I did not expect it, I'm getting a "man cave" in the new house.  It was my wife's idea (I love her) and I've been thrilled about it.

I know, it seems silly, but I really look forward to it.  I enjoy Panthers football, video games and movies and now I will have a space to enjoy them specifically designed for me!  I think I'm even going to be able to get a new TV, afterall, I need a TV in the man cave and right now we only have one to put in the living room.  And of course, if I'm going to get a TV, I'm not going to buy old technology!  You know what that means...that's right, Hi-Def for me!

I'm tempted to include some sort of spiritual/biblical spin on this post, but I'm just going to let it be what it is...my excitement about getting a man cave.


Jim said...

CONGRATS...I'm jealous. Good to run into you during conference. Please remember though that this is called a "Man Cave", while I was visiting a member of my church's house, he invited me to see his "Man Hole." Thank you Jesus he meant a "Man Cave!"

Rich Tuttle said...

Laugh out loud, don't worry, I will try to keep the linguistics right!