Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moved In

We have packed, loaded and moved into our new home.  We will spend the first night in it tonight and we all look forward to it.  We've set up the girls' rooms with the same decorations they were used too and surprised them with some new bathroom decorations. 

Its still surreal, but its gradually becoming real.  Moving really is a lot like grief. 

Here are some memories of the house we are leaving:

-It was the first house we bought as a married couple
-It was the first house I installed a dishwasher, new faucets and a counter top in
-It was the first house I had to fix a flooding toilet in
-It was the first house we decorated together
-It was the first house we that had an entire room that flooded in
-It was the first house our children came home to (which means its the first house they ate in, crawled in, walked in and spent their formative years in).
-It was the first house I had to tear down a shed and build a new one
-It was the first house we held birthday parties and other celebrations in

With all those things, we are still excited about what the future holds, because a new home just means new memories to establish together.

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