Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tell Me a Story

We say the Bible is God's story.  And it is.  But what about your life.  You can choose what your life is about.  And simply put, your life will either be God's story or some other story.  Some other story could be a good one, but would it be an eternal one?  Would it be a dynamic one?  Would it be a risky one?  Would it be a purposeful one?  Would it be a Holy Spirit led one?

What does it mean for your life to be God's story?  It means you live the kind of life that is all about loving Him and loving others.  What does that look like?  It looks like forgiving even when forgiving is hard.  I looks like refusing to gossip, even when gossipping is easy.  It looks like being generous with your resources (not just your money) even in a risky economy.  It looks like choosing to love your spouse, even when you don't feel loving towards them.  It looks like holding your tongue even when you have the ultimate cut down.  It looks like sacrificing your time to help someone else.  It looks like deciding not to drink when you know everytime you do it goes too far.  It looks like choosing to stay sexually pure for your future spouse even though you get laughed at.  It looksl like these and more.  Ultimately, it means unashamedly (but not annoyingly) believing in and abiding in Jesus Christ.

Living God's story is just as much about what we do as it is about what we don't do.

So, tell me a story...will it be God's or something else?

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