Saturday, June 26, 2010

Moving In Moments

Its been a whilrwind of a week.  This time a week ago we were still packing up to get ready for the move.  We moved into the parsonage on Tuesday and I just thought I would share some moving moments: 

-Driving the 26' U-Haul (I felt powerful...I even nodded to another trucker on the way).

-Driving by the church and seeing a welcome message for me and my family on the marquee of Catawba UMC.

-Pulling up to the parsonage and seeing a group of people on the steps ready and eager to help unload.   

-Having a delicious vegetarian (yes, I just called a vegetarian dinner delicious) dinner brought to us our first night in the parsonage.

-Trying to sleep the first couple of nights.

-The girls' first night sleeping in their new rooms (they were so relieved to see their same furniture and decorations).

-Figuring out the light switches and locks.

-Finding the best travelling routes and taking many detours.

-Watching TV for the first time in the "Man Cave."

-The help and thoughfulness of great people involved at Catawba UMC.


draysult said...

Anxious to hear of the great things that God is doing at Catawba UMC. Very glad to hear about the "man cave". Am I to assume it is properly equiped? Thanks for the card and the nice comments. You are already missed at GSUMC.

Rich Tuttle said...

Thanks man! By the way, your truck is sitting at our house in Rock Hill if you need it.