Thursday, July 15, 2010

I have a confession

I have a confession and you have to come to church this Sunday to find out what it is.  After Sunday I will be glad to blog about what the confession is.  But just know that I feel a little bit uncomfortable sharing what I'm going to share.  However, I think it fits well with what the text is...I'll at least give that away for you.  Its Romans 8:28-30.  I'll even give you the one point...with blanks of course:
God's __________ in our __________ does not always _________our _____________.

See many of you Sunday and don't forget, we have an awesome VBS experience starting this Sunday evening.  We were decorating the Family Life Center tonight and it looks great!  I hope many of you will bring your kids and that you will invite your kids friends as well. 

See you Sunday!

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draysult said...

Since I can't be there this Sunday, guess I will have to wait for the update on Monday! Be justified!! Live justified!