Sunday, July 11, 2010


In Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus extends an invitation and a promise.  At first glance the invitation is rest, but if you read it closely, the invitation is actually himself and the promise is rest.  In just these three verses, he uses the words "me", "my" and "I" seven times: "Come to me...", "my yoke is easy...", "I will give you rest", etc.

Also, the yoke he's talking about is himself.  He's asking us to surrender to his ways and his authority and his teaching and when we do that, we will find rest. 
Read it for yourself and you will discover that Jesus is offering himself for people who are weary and heavy burdened.  And the result of accepting his offer is rest.  Not just a "do nothing, purposeless and lazy kind of rest," but a supernatural kind of rest, because Jesus is a supernatural savior. 

A rest that gets us ready and prepared to offer that same rest to someone else who needs it.  When we experience being "in Christ" and the rest that's there, we are called to invite others to experience it as well.  Let us not be "rest hoggers."
Jesus doesn't just offer rest, he offers himself.  Its an invitation I'll take everyday!

May you find rest in Him when you are weary and burdened.  And may you extend the supernatural  rest that you've found as a blessing to others who need it as well.

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