Friday, July 2, 2010

Unfamiliar places, familiar territory

I'm still getting my bearings in the new town for how to get to places.  I went to two hospitals today and even though they were new places, I felt right at home.  I guess a hospital is a hospital and a pastoral visit is a pastoral visit no matter where you are.  While the hospitals were new to me, I was in my element with the actual visits, so I think they went well.

After two days on the new job, I can see I'm going to have to be making decisions on how to prioritize my work time.  I have shut-ins to visit, hospital visits, the normal get-to-know-you visits, community events, church events, sermon prep and I'm sure some counseling and paper work will be thrown in there as well.  I just pray that God gives me the wisdom to make good decisions in how I spend my time. 

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