Thursday, December 16, 2010


I'm blessed to have the friends I have.

Let me explain.

I'm finishing up the ordination process in the United Methodist Church.  As part of the process, each candidate has to submit work to the Board of Ordained Ministry.

Part of that work is to film a Bible study to submit.

I knew I would be extremely nervous doing this Bible study.  And I knew that one way to address that nervousness is by doing a Bible study with friends. 

So I e-mailed a friend of mine about doing it at his house in Charlotte.  He said yes and took the initiative to send an e-mail out to a very select group of friends.

The Bible study took place last night and they all showed up!  Even as busy as the Christmas season is, they took the time to support me and be a part of the ordination process.

I felt loved, blessed and supported.

So I wanted to publicly say a huge THANK YOU to each of you that came out for the Bible study.  Your time and support was a wonderful Christmas present.

And I think there is nothing more appropriate for my 200th post than to recognize the importance of friendships in our lives. 

I hope each of my readers are as blessed as I am with amazing friends.

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