Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post Christmas Anticipation

Like most people, I have pre-Christmas anticipation.  I find myself excited about watching the children open their presents and if I'm honest, I also get excited about opening my own presents as well. 

However, I get to experience post-Christmas anticipation as well.  There are several  reasons why:

First,my second daughter's birthday is on the 28th. 

Second, my birthday is on the 31st.

Third, it has become a tradition to celebrate Christmas at my parents house with all the brothers and sisters and nephews and niece's during New Year's eve and day.

Fourth and finally, we have other family to celebrate Christmas with well into the New Year.

I look forwad to giving and receiving presents for upcoming Birthdays and Christmas's. 

Afterall, just becuase the 25th has come and gone it does not mean that Christmas should end. 

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