Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Like in any profession, sometimes pastors have off days.  This last Sunday at the 10:30 service was one of those days. 

I'm not sure why? 

The series is a good one.
The message was prepared.

The message was true.

The point of the message was something we need to be reminded of.

However, I just didn't seem to have the language I wanted to communicate what I wanted to communicate.

Even in the preparation, I knew the point was good and biblical and challenging for the church, I just couldn't seem to get the language to communicate as effectively as I would've have liked.

It felt as though I had let the church down.

I didn't like that feeling.

Thank God I feel like I've had more "on days" than "off days" in the ministry.

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Anonymous said...


Dear Brother...If your message was off, then you sure fooled me.

Keep 'em coming....