Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ecumenical Bible Study

For the three Wednesday evenings leading up to Easter our church has been a part of an ecumenical Bible study with two other churches.

Mt. Sinai Baptist hosted last Wednesday with their pastor Donald Gray leading the study. 

Catawba UMC hosted last night with me leading the study.

Next Wednesday Catawba Baptist will host and their pastor Derek Jones will lead the study.

It's been an excellent way to promote unity among beleivers of different churches around Easter time.

Also, we are having a joint Good Friday service at Mt. Sinai Baptist and pastor Derek Jones is preaching the sunrise service at Catawba UMC. 

If there's ever a time when churches can unite around something, it's Easter.  Because we can all agree that through the death and resurrection of Christ sins are forgiven, freedom is available and the victory over sin, evil and death is won.


AbominableAmie said...

I love when the lines of denominations fall so we can all gather around Jesus and proclaim that he is the core of all we are and believe.

Rich Tuttle said...

What's up.

Yeah, it's been awesome so far. I'm hoping the ecumenical Bible Studies and GF service can become something we do every year with other churches.

We're trying!