Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Favorite

I have a new favorite blog.  Okay, so it isn't my absolutely favorite blog, but it is definitely among my favorites, so much so that I have added to the "Blogs I Like" link to the left of this.

It's Greg Boyd's blog and you can find it here.  I love his theology and his heart.  He's first and foremost a pastor, yet, has the skills of a theologian that can hold his own with the best of them.

Of particular interest to me was his recent review of Rob Bell's book Love Wins.  I haven't read the book yet, I'm still getting through Bonhoeffer's biography.  I've almost finished it and would highly recommend it and I'm excited to say that Love Wins is next on my list. 

Another thing I like about Greg Boyd is his Christus Victor theology of the atonement (i.e. what Christ accomplished on the cross).  It's been especially on my mind this time of year (Easter).  For his explanation, click here.  I agree with him that on the cross, more than anything else and along side other theories (especially substitutionary atonement), Jesus was victorious over sin, evil and death (and everything that entails, i.e. sickness, addictions, greed, lust, etc.) so that those of us who are "in Christ" can have that victory as well, not because of anything we've done, but because of what Christ (through the Father's will and through the Holy Spirit's power) has done.

It's good stuff!

Anyway, check out Greg Boyd's writing and reviews...I think you will be blessed if you do.

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