Saturday, May 14, 2016

Culture Creators

I'm really excited about our new series starting this Sunday called:

I have this belief that if we live for Jesus we can create the kind of lives that He wants for us and that we want for ourselves.

My temptation is just to let life happen to me and I think Jesus calls me to be more proactive. I think I am called create the kind of life He wants for me.

I believe a Culture Creator is someone who is:

intentional about who they are

where they are because they know

whose they are.

Who you are is found in are loved, claimed, saved and holy.

Where you are is literally where you are at any given moment.

Whose you are: you are claimed by a faithful, loving, just and gracious God.

When you can rest in whose you are, you can be intentional about who you are, no matter where you are and that's when become a Culture Creator.

I look forward to exploring the idea with Covenant Community Church over the next few weeks.

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