Thursday, May 5, 2016

Questions are Better than Answers

One common "theme" at Northpoint is the idea that questions are better (more relational) than answers. All of their training is moving closer towards "relational connection" as opposed to "content transferal."

Here's an incredible Fact they shared (I don't remember the book it's from):
Jesus was asked 183 questions. He only answered three of them. Jesus asked over 300 questions.

So here are a few questions the leadership of Covenant will be exploring together in the coming months (maybe even years):

1. Do we create the same "on-ramp" as Northpoint for getting people in small groups? If so how does it look different?  If not what does it look like?

2. What would it look like for us to move from a church "with" small groups to a church "of" small groups?

3. What common language will help us be the best Covenant Community Church we can be?

4. Northpoint has both "internal" and "external" values, goals and statements...what are those for us?

5. How do we make our vision our process and our process our vision?

6. How do we resist the temptation of allowing the pursuit of "making things better" become more important than relationships.

7. Covenant has a more intimate "feel" than NorthPoint...what does it look like to combine NorthPoint's strategies with that strength?

8. What are the steps we need to take to apply what we've learned in our context?

9. How do we make sure we aren't telling God what we want then asking Him to bless it?

10. Are we truly seeking the guidance and authority of the Holy Spirit to guide us and open our eyes to what we might be missing?

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