Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sermon Recap - Family Matters

On Sunday I had several one-liners that I need to be reminded of.

The first one was this: Proximity does not equal intimacy.

You can live in the same household together and fail miserably at intimacy.  For intimacy to happen in a relationship there has to be intentional connection.

The congregation seemed to like the video I showed, here's the full version.

That one-liner led to this one-liner: Busy-ness is the enemy of intimacy.

Joshua warns the Israelite's of distractions and temptations from the culture around them in his final speech found in chapters 23 and 24. He then makes this declaration "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord."  Serving the Lord means being intentional about building intimacy with Him and with the relationships He has placed in our care.  

The final one-liner (with children in mind): When experiences outweigh connections we are relationally impoverished.

I have seen this in my own family in the family's of friends around me.  We try to give our children opportunities and experiences that will help them become "well rounded" and before we know it we have them in so many activities that connection, intimacy and real relationships suffer.  What our children need more than experiences, is healthy relationships.  This is a call for us to slow down and make connections a higher priority than experiences.

For the full sermon go here.

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